Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Techniques to Have the Best Sales in a Company

Techniques to Have the Best Sales in a Company

In order to have the best sales in a company one should always know the himself, know his professional skills such as self- knowledge focuses on self-appreciation, self-confidence, and goal-oriented. He must have technical knowledge of being quick, efficient, diligent.  As part of the sales team, he should also have product and services knowledge such as creativity  and solution-oriented must be the main ingredient. Inclusive of this having interpersonal skills such as being attentive, friendly, optimistic, upbeat, empathetic, poised, honest and fair.  He should also know how to listens, asks, reflects, clarifies, and explains for comprehension.  In addition to this, he should have a customer knowledge such as eager to please, understands customer’s requests.

Knowing himself plays a vital role in discovering techniques to do and how to do sales, inclusive of this is having a vision. Having a vision is really important, without action is only a dream.  Action without vision is just like looking at the clock that passes by without any output.  Vision with right action will change the world. 

Self Knowledge with Self-Leadership will surely carry its success towards its end. Likewise, knowing oneself and his strengths and weaknesses is really important. 

Knowing and believing Life’s Worth and Empowering Beliefs of knowing what you love what you do and find meaning in being of service will bring you near to your goal of achieving success.  Some empowering beliefs that will inspire you to do things more than what you expect are: 
  • I practice being a customer.  I take note of my experience and develop higher business standards. 
  • I benchmark myself against the best.
  • I rejoice in the challenge to respond to my customers.
  • I dedicate myself to exceeding my own standards.
  • I am open to endless possibilities to grow and improve
  • I will continue to develop good judgment, a positive attitude, passion for the customer, and a desire to be part of a winning team and willingness to give my all.
After knowing some of the empowering beliefs, one should also measure his own happy feelings such as: Elated, Excited, Overjoyed, Thrilled, Exuberant, Ecstatic, Fired Up, Delighted. 

Being Proactive is also a part of the practicing principle that must be, because in choosing our response to all situations that occur in our life and taking responsibility is also vital part to be able to have good sales. 

Everyone  has his own God Given Unique Human Gifts… Includes here are: Self- Awareness, the ability to stand apart and examine even the way we “see” ourselves.  Conscience is a deep inner awareness of right and wrong  of principles that govern our behavior.  The ability to create in our minds a scenario beyond our present reality is through Imagination.  The most important is the ability to act based on our self-awareness, free of all other influences is Independent Will.  

Being Proactive is an ingredient to have a good sales.  One must know how to: 
  • Listen to your own language.
  • Learn to take charge or having initiative
  • Live with a win-win attitude
  • Focus efforts in your circle of influence

Knowing that being proactive is an ingredient of having a good sales Four Pillars of Wisdom must also be given importance such as :  Relationship,  Purpose, Sensory Acuity, Behavioral Flexibility 

Clear communication is also important to have good sales the secrets of clear communication as follows:  Observe, Participate, Emphatize, and Non-Judgmental

Vocal Qualities place an important role as well such : Tone which expresses the feeling or emotion, Inflection is emphasizing words and syllables to enhance message.  Pitch measures how high or deep voice sounds are.  Rate meaning how many words are spoken per minute and Volume measures how loud or soft sounds are. 

The importance of techniques to have best sales in a company should be given ample consideration to be able to know the results of your actions while dealing with customers at any time and place with highest consideration to the product you’re selling.  This is to help you reached your target goal of  being the best salesman in your company. 

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